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This tool is designed to provide women who participate in politics with a confidential way to assess their individual security and make a plan to increase their safety.

Violence against women in politics is a specific type of violence meant to discourage women from engaging in all political activities: political discussions, voting, running for office. This violence can take many forms, including:

  • Persistent harassment or discrimination, such as being shamed in the media;
  • Threats and psychological abuse - in person or online, such as using vulgar or demeaning language;
  • Physical and sexual assault, such as inappropriate touching, punches or slaps;
  • Economic violence, such as threatening divorce or destroying campaign materials; and
  • Pressuring women to leave politics, including if they are elected officials.

If you are in danger or feel threatened, and it is safe to do so, we encourage you to contact the police or another responsible agency.

This tool cannot predict all your risks, but it will provide you with guidance on measures that you can take to enhance your safety. If you are politically-active you should reassess your risk levels regularly, as situations can change and you may need to update your safety plan.

Think10 is currently available in Online, Mobile App and Paper formats. Click below to choose which format of the tool you would like to access.